A progressive leader in the solutions of alternatives to incarceration.

"The first company to provide electronic monitoring of criminal defendants in the United States"    New York Times Article dated Feb. 2, 1985

  • Programs to address jail/prison overcrowding                                   
  • Service municipal through federal courts
  • Provide sentencing alternatives
  • Offer Probation and diversion programs
  • Utilize a "one piece" active GPS System
  • specific alcohol abuse monitoring programs 

       Court Programs, Inc. has a thirty year history in providing sentencing alternative programs for adult and juvenile offenders. Our programs can be specifically detailed to the needs of your community and Court system. We continue to refine and adapt all of our programs to meet the latest in criminal justice ideology and behavioral modification models. Our programs are designed to reduce the high cost of incarceration to the taxpayers while providing professional supervision to address the specific needs of the courts we serve. 

     With offices located throughout Mississippi, along with our consulting experience utilized by local companies, we have the experience to assit your jurisdiction with their specific needs.